Welcome to the Boris' Vacation Index Page

Here are links to the vacations we have taken over the past few years. These are probably going to be the start of a travel section on the ONLine Services site. We love to travel and really can't wait until we can give up our day jobs and just travel around the United States. I hope you enjoy the site. A lot of this is done while we are traveling so the HTML is a bit rough. My laptop is getting a bit worn and working over a 56k link can get a bit tough. Also if you have ever stayed in a standard motel it is not the best place for computer work.

Our latest trip is to Savannah Georgia. Our itinnerary is Savannah, Ga;Charleston, SC;Myrtle Beach, SC;Wilmington, NC; The Outer Banks and then we haven't decided. Stay tuned. To see the pictures from this trip click on the Savannah Trip Link.

Our other trips were New Orleans and San Francisco. Pictures from those two trips can be accessed from the links below. Enjoy the site.

Portugal Lisbon/Cascais Trip --- January/February 2008
Seattle-Alaska Trip --- July 2006
New Hope Trip --- May 2006
Boston Trip --- May 2005
Chincoteague Trip --- May/June 2004
Savannah Trip --- June 2003
New Orleans ---- June 2002
San Francisco ---- June 2001